• A little about me

    From Zimbabwe to Ilkley...

    Tania Tamara originally hails from Zimbabwe but now resides in the United Kingdom in the Yorkshire town of Ilkley. She has exercised her considerable creative talents, formerly as a stage and screen actress thereafter as a theatrical designer. As a mature student, she studied textiles, with distinction at Warwick, together with various masters of art in Yorkshire. Influenced by her world wide experiences, she excels at capturing the moment. With the fine use of oils and glazes, she creates mysterious tonal values and surreal light in her paintings.

    In addition to her own imaginative creations, Tania Tamara receives numerous commissions from the UK, USA, Southern Africa and Australia to create paintings that complement interior decor. These commissions have drawn out her talent to bring the character and essence of the room into her art. To do so she employs a wide variety of styles, materials, glazes and textures. She is not bound by preset routines. All her work is original and she does not offer her work for print.


    Tania Tamara works from her home studio in Ilkley, West Yorkshire as a professional artist. She exhibits at galleries in Yorkshire and London. By invitation she demonstrates her unique style of paintings in these galleries.